About the Author

I began blogging in 2014, after being told enough times that my reflections on God and life need to be shared. Life brought about various unexpected parts that took me away from adding posts, but as crazy as this year of 2020 has been so far, it’s been a great source of sharing what God puts on my heart.

I am a Puerto Rican, Christian woman who is also a mother, teacher, photographer and writer. I have had some of my non-fiction and poetry published and I enjoy writing in a variety of genres. In these times, we are living in, it’s important that you know the who and the why of those you enjoy reading online. Many will try to sway your thoughts and hearts. 

Foremost, I hope you enjoy and learn something with each blog post I do, knowing that I love Jesus with all my heart.  He is the One who guides me, and the one I have always leaned on the most.  As you read the contributions to my website posts, my hope is that you see my Lord’s heart, as reflected in mine.  

3 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Hey Mrs. Basden (aka my short friend) you have been an amazing teacher this year and I will miss you sooooo much! Love your blog!
    -Your favorite student of all time, Donna Kay.

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