As I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken time to reflect

On you as my dad and what that’s meant 

With the strength of an army, you showed love

For the sake of family and our Lord God above

Working so hard, even giving up your dreams

Each decision made to set my sister and me free

Often talking with me for hours, with my curious mind

What you didn’t know, you encouraged me to find   

Helping me grow strong in mind, spirit and heart

I can never thank you enough for doing your part

You gave me a love for good food, music, and dance

You provided me a good education to give me a chance 

You instilled in me a pride of heritage as a Puerto Rican, an American

You encouraged me to explore again and again

You helped raise this independent daughter, empowered from shy to bold

You pushed me to make my own choices, out of your control

You believe I could be a world changer, wherever God guided me

To create a family of my own and to follow my dreams 

And I’m thankful for the father you have fought hard to be

So that no matter what happened, I could be me. 

By Rachel Basden ©️ June 2020
Dedicated to My Dad/Mi Padre

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