What This is All About



Lord, may I reflect all that You are

To those I encounter

Please show them Your heart
Through the words that I say

And the actions I do

May I go unnoticed

As they only see You

And while I am just trying

To walk in Your ways

May You receive the glory

All honor and praise.

By Rachel Basden © 2013

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4 thoughts on “What This is All About”

  1. You are exactly where God wants you at this time, you are so special and have so much to share with everyone but especially youth are your calling. You have a special gift to give. Love your blog and poem.

  2. This is great! Sometimes I forget that he is always there with me in my time of need. All I need to do is remind myself. I’m not always going to have the answers but I know he will!

    1. Maya,

      You are so right! That’s why it is important to learn God’s Word, so it’s truth can speak to our lives. That’s why it is the Living Word. If we allow it, it will actively affect our lives in wonderful and powerful ways! Keep your eyes focused on the One who truly has all the answers we need.

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