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MORE THAN JUST A GAME: Part 1 – Proverbs 4

Lately, I’ve gotten back into playing golf.  I’m not saying that I’m all that good at it, but I do my best and I enjoy it very much.  As I’ve been playing, life lessons have seemed to surround me.  Even if you’re not into golf, these can apply to anyone.

Ability can only take you so far. Believability will get you where you need to go. Whether I’m hitting the ball, or my husband is, this has proven true.  Whatever our ability is, it means nothing if we don’t believe we can do what we set out to do.

Don’t you find that true in life, too?  Think about all of the people you may know, you may even be one of them, who have so much potential, but who doesn’t seem to achieve as much as those around them know they could.  So much of what we accomplish in life starts in our own heads.  We may know what we need to do, we may even know how to do what we need to do, but if we can’t envision ourselves at the end of the finish line, all of that ability and knowledge means nothing.  But, when we can see ourselves crossing that finish line, even if you don’t end up coming in first, you begin to realize that anything is possible!

What have you been wanting to do, but you stop yourself before you even begin?  What dream do you wish you could accomplish, but your past attempts have failed?  As long as you have breath, and especially if you have the ability, you need to start believing and do it!

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