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MORE THAN JUST A GAME: Part 5 – Proverbs 4

One may have the best of intentions, but without a plan of action and a means of executing that action, those intentions are going nowhere.  When I set up to hit a golf ball, I have the best of intentions.  I have a goal in mind that I aim for, I think through my movements and placement (most of the time anyway), and I do the best I can to recall and repeat what has worked before.  However, I admit that I don’t practice enough, and I don’t look enough at those who know what they’re doing, so I can improve more quickly.

So my intentions may be fantastic, but if I don’t have a plan of action, what do my intentions matter?  Like with any sport, I need to plan out what I’m going to do, if I plan to have more success.  This is so true to life, as well.  How many times have you heard someone say they were going to do something, and you know they had every intention of doing it, but they failed to plan it out? 

You know what happens to those who fail to plan.  It’s great to have a positive attitude and want the best, but success doesn’t usually just happen.  If it is worth it, then it is worth taking the time to plan out how to reach that goal.

When facing a tough situation, go into it prepared.

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