I went through my day seeing so many others
No matter the person they were a sister or brother 
Each one beautiful in so many different ways
Hair color, complexion or the words they’d say
A smile, a gesture, an act that was kind 
Wherever I looked, there was so much to find 
Tears of joy when someone stopped to lend aid
Children laughing with each other as they played 
Someone helping another to walk across the street
Another one ensuring a family had something to eat
A teenager texting, “I’m so thankful you exist.”
Each moment a sign that this is how we should live
For we are not all gifted in the exact same ways
We are all amazing in how we’re uniquely made
But when we seek to understand, it’s easier to see
The human race, connected, is how we must be.
By Rachel Basden ©️ 2020

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